The types of awnings differ firstly in terms of the protection they give to the fabric roll against the elements when closed. The mechanisms, including the folding arms, are made of aluminium and stainless steel and are therefore extremely weather-resistant and do not necessarily require protection. Another aspect, which is often more important to customers, is the appearance of the awning when it is closed. 

 Open folding arm awnings  

are mainly used in areas in which the closed awning is in a protected position, e.g. under a roof overhang. For many customers, the look is the most important aspect. With open folding arm awnings, the valance is all that conceals the mechanism and arms, and they are always visible from below. Open folding arm awnings are used classically in sheltered positions on balconies and terraces. 

 The practical double awning  

is a sophisticated trend-setter that brings appreciable benefits and real added value. The vertical awning also provides very effective shade against the glare of the sun when it is low in the sky. The Soltis fabric designs allow you to see out but protect you from the prying eyes of those outside. 

 Vertical awnings  

are fitted directly to a façade (e.g. glass façade or window) and can be moved up and down either manually or by means of sensors. They are usually operated by wireless motor and remote control. Interiors are provided with optimal protection against overheating, dazzling sunlight and prying eyes. 

 The sleeve awning  

offers full all-round protection for the retracted fabric roll. The awning fabric lies in a protective aluminium sleeve. In contrast to cassette awnings, with sleeve awnings the folding arms are visible when the awning is closed. 

 Pergola awnings  

are a combination of awning and pergola. The slim supports that carry the rails for the awning fabric make the pergola awning very sturdy. The pergola awning is the ideal solution even in exposed, windy locations. It can be fitted both to balconies and to terraces. 

 Window and façade awnings  

provide professional and convenient shading for windows and glass surfaces in different sizes. Window awnings are mounted directly onto the façade or the window. They can be operated manually or by means of a sensor. 

 The cassette awning  

combines the best protection with an elegant appearance. When closed, the fabric roll, folding arms and mechanism cannot be seen as they are completely enclosed by the cassette. 

 Conservatory awnings  

are fitted to conservatories, terrace roofs and larger roof windows using rails. With appropriate accessories (remote-controlled motor and sun sensor), conservatory awnings will extend automatically when the sun shines. This prevents inside areas from overheating from the outset. With an overhang, shade can also be provided to special areas (e.g. conservatories with hipped roofs). 

 Wind protection and privacy walls  

can be used on both terraces and balconies. They are available in various heights and there is a free choice of projection. The wind protection and privacy wall can also be used as a space divider (on a balcony). It can be extended or retracted as required. Depending on the height and position, it can be the perfect protection against prying eyes. 

 Garden Awnings   

Enjoy your garden in any weather thanks to superb weather protection from a CASS garden awning. Available in a range of colours, styles and designs. 

 Garden Verandas  

Glass verandas and glass rooms provide a unique way to enjoy an unrestricted view of your garden, protected from rain, wind and other elements. 


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