If you’re a homeowner sat on the fence as to whether the installation of a new awning would be a worthwhile investment, its probably time to start discovering the benefits that awnings can bring to you and your home. 
At the very least, awnings can dramatically change the look of your home exterior, and it’ll also provide a revamped outdoor area which could positively impact the way you use your garden. If you’re uncertain of how you’d use an awning, and whether it’d be worth the initial expenditure, take a look at our key awnings benefits. 

Your home will be cooler  

Although in the UK, hot weather can be unpredictable, when the sun does shine, it’ll often expose your living room or dining area directly to the sun. Throughout the day, these rooms absorb that heat exposure which results in a room that’s unbearably hot later in the day. 
Having a retractable awning installed will ensure your windows are shaded from that excess heat which helps to bring your room back to a suitable temperature. That’s all without the need to close your curtains or blinds for the duration of your days. 

Awnings visually complement your home  

If you want to avoid the planning permission associate with an extension or conservatory, an awning is an excellent way of showing off your home above the others on your street. 
Rather than having the expensive costs associated with constructing an extension on your patio, beautiful bespoke awnings can be installed for your home at a fraction of the cost. The decor of awnings are easily replaceable, and regardless whether you choose an automated or manual operation, you can quickly close them to avoid any damage during harsh weather periods. 

Awnings help you escape the sun  

Should you find that the harsh rays that the sun provides are too much to handle, but you still enjoy being outdoors, then an awning is a perfect solution. 
During the hotter months of summer, a retractable sun awning is an ideal way of shielding you and your family from the harmful effects of the sun, providing the shade and space to enjoy your garden. Using the touch of a button, an automated awning is also a great way to get outdoors and enjoy a more subtle approach to the sun. 

A sheltered area to avoid the rain  

Many of us in the UK are used to rain and drizzle, which can often prevent us from making the most of our outdoor spaces. If you want protection from the wet weather, an awning is robust enough to provide a sheltered area to allow you to carry on with planned parties or barbecues without the fear of rain or drizzle. An awning that uses a sturdy construction with water-resistant fabric can open up a space of your home for the year. 
CASS Awnings 
Here at CASS, we’ve got a wide range of bespoke awnings in various designs and patterns, so if you’re looking to revamp your garden patio area then contact us today for a no-obligation quote. We can help you to choose awnings to fit with your lifestyle, decor and budget. 
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